We are pleased to introduce you to our catalogue of multimedia training and news and information services ranging from Internet & Digital Applications to Media Training and Newsgathering and News Dissemination. We are committed to crowd sourcing for local news and information which has global implications for the community. 

We are prioritising citizen journalism to maximise ubiquity, speed, contextuality and above all to boost our awareness of socio-economic, cultural, spiritual and environmental issues which we believe should be highlighted by mainstreaming them in different forms of the media. You need to be informed of all perspective to a news event or the decision of government policy made in order to enhance your individual life and professional work.

The world today is increasingly shaped by the Internet and those who have shirked from it or overlooked its importance will either be left in the minority or deprive themselves of the benefits of a localised global exposure. These minorities will be invisible to the entire wired world which will play an active part in the globalised economy.

GMN, a UK-based non-profit media and research organisation  was set up to promote social development in the developing countries, economic empowerment of the unemployed and the poor primary, primary healthcare through a number of development and enabling projects including vocational training, education and health advice, development oriented news and information by the deployment of the new media and satellite television channels.

GMN MC has an impressive and verifiable track record of Internet oriented services. Staffed by an experienced team of software programmers and developers we are capable of providing tailor made or specialist software including online portals, multimedia websites, audio and video encoding and streaming, e-commerce sites and wizards.

We also programme WAP, SMS, VIR and voicemail gateways to enable wireless users seamless access to the Internet.